Schwarz Collective


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Schwarz Collective is an independent clothing brand based in Coventry. Schwarz Collective produces clothes with their own designs. Schwarz Collective strongly believes in producing limited edition garments, and they wanted their website to be unique to their competitors.

In our initial meeting, we discussed in what direction they wanted to go with their website design. Schwarz Collective stated they wanted their website to be simple that focuses on the content, which was the clothing.

Schwarz Collective produces clothes that follow three keywords: essential, simple, and excellence. We decided to follow the same keywords with their redesign of their website.


Tall Whale designed the website by using the KISS design principle. The idea was to create a very simple as well as intuitive navigation, and a clean and neat layout that was supported by strong pictures of the clothing garments.

Schwarz Collective website

The website uses BigCartel as a backend and infrastructure for a B2C web store. We designed and implemented a customized theme that would work on devices of all sizes. In addition, we also implemented a slideshow feature for the lookbook and individual products, both that are responsive.

Schwarz Collective website

With a minimal theme, strong pictures, and a fixed navigation, we set up Schwarz Collective with the tools to continue selling high quality garments.


Tall Whale brought our website up to a more professional level that represented the brand, as well created a better user experience. The added slideshows allowed us to show of our products in a sleek fashion, which was perfect for our products. Tall Whale provided us with a great personal experience fitting all our needs and we would recommend them.

Alex Preston - Schwarz Collective