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Intervention Podcast was started by the founder of Intervention Meditation, James Whild. His goal with Intervention Podcast is to start conversations that might make the world a better place, however big or small they may be. James aims to achieve this by creating a biweekly talk show that is full of in depth discussions.

In our initial meeting, we discussed what type of content will be on the website. We also discussed what type of experience he wants the user to have when they visit his website. James stated he wants all its podcasts to be available via his website and wants its ideal users to leave his website feeling relaxed and calm. We decided to create a website that revolved around the word 'calm'.


Tall Whale designed the Intervention Podcast website around the word 'calm'. Tall Whale used that word to ensure the layout of the website makes it easy to navigate. This ensured that the users had a good experience and never felt overwhelmed when they were trying to find any content. The website also uses calming colors, orange and white, to create a calming effect for all the readers.

Schwarz Collective website

The goal of the website is to make users interact with the podcast. On the homepage, Tall Whale used the Soundcloud widget to ensure the latest show was always seen. This allowed any visitor to turn into a listener. The backend of the website uses WordPress to allow it to be easily updated by James. The WordPress theme was custom designed to ensure it was lightweight and responsive.

Schwarz Collective website

With a complementary color scheme, good use of white space, and a responsive layout, Tall Whale has designed a website that will ensure every web visitor will feel relaxed.


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James Whild - Intervention Podcast