Hut 90


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Hut 90 is an independent game development studio based in the West Midlands. Established in late 2014, Hut 90 started with the goal of creating engaging and innovative games for the console and PC platforms.

We had a meeting and discussed what Hut 90 was looking for in their brand and what direction they wanted to go in. Hut 90 wanted a strategy on how to take their brand and website forward. They wanted their brand rooted with simplicity and honesty.

We left our meeting with Hut 90 with a unique feeling of pride in seeing what small teams like this can produce.


We started this project by finding a color palette that represented Hut 90. We did not want to give Hut 90 a cookie-cutter color palette. We started by looking at images of nature and natural environments. After looking through dozens of images, we found the perfect color palette for Hut 90. The color palette was inspired by the images of forests found in America. This color palette gave the feeling of nature and honesty, something that Hut 90 wanted their brand to represent.

Hut 90 Website

After creating several logo designs, we finally found one that represented Hut 90. The logo uses curves to represent the natural feeling. We designed the hut with simplicity in mind. We decided to go with sharp edges for the hut and the island, as we liked the contrast it gave between it and the borders of the logo. We designed two logos, both similar but with different colors. This allows Hut 90 to use their logo on dark or light backgrounds.

Hut 90 Website

We designed the Hut 90 website with simplicity and upgradeability in mind, since Hut 90 was still working on their first game. We consulted Hut 90 and gave them advice on how to upgrade the website in the future, display their games, and, eventually, make sales from their website.

With branding in a natural style, custom logo design, and a clean website, we set Hut 90 up with the tools they need to highlight their high quality games.


The advice and design services that Tall Whale provided allowed us to focus on the core of our business while displaying our company image and integrity confidently online. We could not have been more pleased and happy with their expertise, guidance and professionalism. Tall Whale went beyond just design and did what they needed to do to make us happy.

Hut 90