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CEDAR (Community Education in Death Awareness & Resources) worked with Lovepreet before Tall Whale was established. CEDAR is an educational organization dedicated to discussions about death, dying, and funerary and bereavement practices.

Lovepreet worked with CEDAR as its sole web developer. In the initial meeting, CEDAR stated that it would like to create a web presence to raise awareness of that which is inevitable; help prepare for death no matter how far into the future it may be; and increase one's confidence to respond appropriately to others who are suffering from loss a personal loss.

Since the topic about death affects everyone, Lovepreet designed the CEDAR brand and website around neutral colors, ease of use, and accessible.


Lovepreet designed the website using WordPress as its CMS (Content Management System). This ensured that the website could updated continuously after Lovepreet's job was completed. The custom theme was creating using Bootstrap as its framework. This ensured that CEDAR's website was readable from any device.

CEDAR website

The color scheme used on the website created by combining colors that created calmness in its reader. Greens and grays were found to be the most favorable among its target users.

CEDAR website

With a brand new website and new resources continually being added, CEDAR's web presence has grown by over 1000% since its launch.


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Judith Wester - CEDAR